Thursday, May 31, 2012

Meals of Hope Receives Donated Coolers & Freezer

Meals of Hope received a special donation last week.....coolers and freezer from Legends Golf & Country Club. 

When BCBE Construction was working on bidding the Legends G&CC renovation project, it was made known that the existing coolers and freezer were to be removed during the demolition phase. With that knowledge in hand, BCBE Construction's President Mel Engel took it upon himself and his staff to find a suitable candidate to receive these working coolers and freezer in order to better the community at the approval of the Legends' Board Members. Once BCBE was named the General Contractor for the project, BCBE received the okay from the Legends' Board Members and then teamed up with Meals of Hope, which works with the Harry Chapman Food Bank to coordinate the delivery of these coolers and freezer. Now Meals of Hope can better the surrounding community even more with the addition of these appliances. 

Meals of Hope is a non-profit organization, with the goal to package and distribute fortified meals to those in need. Meals of Hope organizes and runs food packaging programs throughout the area. For more information about Meals of Hope, please contact Stephen Popper at (239) 537-7775 or email

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