Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Remodeling Tips

BCBE Construction LLC had the opportunity to meet with several top designers this week and through our discussion came some interesting remodeling tips such as the common pitfalls and how to avoid going over your budget during the remodeling process.

It is extremely important to engage the builder/general contractor early on in the planning process as many of these difficulties can be avoided. Outlined below are additional steps that are useful when beginning your remodeling project. 
  • Create a complete scope of work on what your customer is striving to accomplish with their remodeling project. Review the proposed scope with the design team and the client to ensure details are not missed. This scope document as well as the building plans and specifications will be what the contractors use to put together their proposals. 
  • Investigate, investigate, out the unforeseen now. Be honest with your customers on what is found during the testing and research phase. If the project is not as simple as anticipated or if the cost is going to be increased due to existing conditions of the home, inform the customer right away. It is best to review the budget up front once you have all of the information and reassess rather than starting the project knowing the budget will be inaccurate. 
  • Allowances need to be realistic. When reviewing proposals and you see a low number, be sure to ask questions. Sometimes contractors will provide low allowance amounts in order to keep the overall cost low and to be awarded the job. Once the project commences, you will receive change orders due to overages on the allowances thus increasing the cost of the project and causing you to go over budget. (i.e. You cannot buy marble for $5/sq. ft. and $15,000 is not sufficient for landscaping)
  • Schedules and timelines are meant to be followed. Unanticipated items may cause delays but efforts should be made to adhere to the set schedule.  
  • For a successful project, engage a builder/general contractor that is enthusiastic and enjoys the process. It is important to work with a professional that is honest and possesses integrity. 
BCBE Construction LLC's ultimate goal is to provide superior service, integrity and excellence in every project we build. BCBE's vast experience and knowledge of the residential construction industry allows us to offer dedication, commitment and peace of mind during the building or remodeling of your home. With that knowledge and experience, our qualified team develops creative solutions to the most challenging construction schedules and constraints. Our responsibility to our client is to provide quality construction, budget awareness and on-time performance. Each client is a priority and each project is a masterpiece in the making. It's important to you; it's important to us. Call BCBE Construction LLC for your complimentary consultation at (239) 643-3343 or visit our website at

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Mediterra Sports Club Construction Update

BCBE Construction LLC began the expansion and renovation construction at the Mediterra Sports Club last month in Naples, Florida.  An updated aerial view of the project can be seen here.

Renovations continue and BCBE Construction LLC has recently completed the following on the project:

The steel columns were set for the Fitness Center. 

The stem wall was poured for the Fitness Center and the Multi-Purpose Room.

Underground plumbing and electrical were installed for the Fitness Center. 

The Multi-Purpose Room passed compaction test and inspection. We have completed construction pest control and installing the vapor barrier. 

CMU block has begun being laid for the Multi-Purpose Room and Fitness Center. 

Looking Ahead:
  • The re-roofing of the Sports Club will begin within the next couple of weeks.
  • The tie-beams for the Fitness Center and Multi-Purpose Room will be installed. 
BCBE Construction LLC is an award winning General Contractor with years of experience in the construction industry with both residential and commercial projects. BCBE has extensive knowledge and experience in remodeling and our goal is to create an enjoyable experience for our customers while delivering an unparalleled level of service from our talented team of professionals on time and on budget. Call BCBE Construction LLC at (239) 643-3343 or visit our website at

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