Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Palmira Golf Club Renovation

BCBE Construction is working hard on Palmira Golf Club's renovation. This new Grille Room will sure to be a hit with the membership this coming season. 

BCBE continues to work closely with McWard Architects on this project. The following items have been completed this past week:
  • Prime painted finished drywall
  • Installed posts for A/C screening on flat roof
  • Prime painted exterior stucco and started to finish paint 
  • Kitchen equipment delivered
  • Poured sloped slab in foyer / member gallery
  • Framed bump outs, hung drywall and finished drywall in foyer / members gallery
  • Installed irrigation lines and sleeves for landscape lighting and fire pit gas
  • Completed fire pit structure and stucco
  • Installed ceiling grid at kitchen and service area
  • Continuing wood trim and bar cabinet install
  • Installed posts and sleeves for electrical master distribution panel
  • Poured concrete pad for electrical transformer
  • Completed stucco on new dumpster structure

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