Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Update on Renovations for Vanderbilt Country Club in Naples, FL

BCBE Construction continues the renovation of Vanderbilt Country Club in Naples, Florida.  

Fitness Center, currently working on: 
  • MEP Final Trim
  • Install Ceiling Tiles
  • Testing the Floor Slab
  • Install Landscaping
Looking Ahead: 
  • Fire Inspection
  • Finish Installing the Wall Tiles in the Bathroom
  • Finish Installing the Wall and Floor Tiles 
  • Install Carpeting 
  • Install Video Camera
  • Complete Painting

The Pro Shop, currently working on: 
  • Install Ceiling Tile
  • Mechanical, Electrical Plumbing Trim
  • Install Bases
  • Install Doors 
Looking Ahead: 
  • Install Carpeting
  • Complete Painting
  • Final Paint in the Bathrooms

 Activities Building and Clubhouse, currently working on: 
  • Finish Underground Plumbing in the Kitchen
  • Install Sheeting in the Manager's Office
  • Install Fascia in the Manager's Office
  • Install Trusses in the Freezer Area
  • Install Window Buck/Water Proofing
  • Install HVAC Duct Work
Looking Ahead: 
  • Demo Clubhouse
  • Underground Inspection in the Kitchen
  • Install Metal Frames in the Manager's Office
  • Install Window Frames
  • Sheet Roofing in the Freezer Area
  • Pull Wire for J-Boxes in Office Area
  • Pour Footer for New Bar/Cover in Dining Room

Please visit BCBE Construction's website at www.bcbe.com for continuous updates on the progress of Vanderbilt Country Club's renovations. 

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