Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Construction Continues at The Remington at Bay Colony

BCBE Construction, LLC is continuing the renovation work on the exterior and interior of The Remington at Bay Colony in Naples.

Construction has been moving along nicely. The lobby has already made a transition with the installation of the new ceiling and the framing of the back-lit onyx slab feature walls. New drywall was hung in the North and South corridors and currently the corridors, social room, pub and lobby are being prepped for painting. The natural stone flooring is being primed with the underlayment being laid.

Waterproofing of the exterior of the building is being installed and the block walls at the pool deck and front area are currently under construction.

Projected for next week is the continuation of framing and drywall of the onyx feature wall as well as the installation of underlayment and tile layout.

BCBE Construction LLC is an award winning General Contractor with years of experience in both residential and commercial construction. BCBE and its employees have been affiliated with building over 150 high rises throughout Florida for top developers. These buildings line both coast lines and BCBE is proud of its continued expertise when it comes to building or remodeling condominium residences. More information on BCBE Construction LLC can be found at www.bcbellc.com or please call (239) 643-3343 for your complimentary consultation.

Front Lobby

Lobby Ceiling


Exterior - Waterproofing

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