Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Mediterra Sports Club Renovation

BCBE Construction LLC is moving along with the renovations at the Sports Club facility at Mediterra in Naples, FL. The remodel is set to be completed in early November.

The expansion of the Fitness Room is on track with the drywall finish coating. Priming and painting is up next followed by the installation of the acoustic ceiling grid.

New Kiosk Desk

The addition of the Multipurpose Room is also undergoing the drywall stage with painting to follow.  

The exterior of the Club is being renovated with the re-roof, which is nearing completion, and the laying of the underground storm water pipe. 

BCBE Construction LLC is an award winning General Contractor with years of experience in both residential and commercial construction. More information on BCBE Construction LLC can be found at www.bcbellc.com or please call (239) 643-3343 for your complimentary consultation. 

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