Thursday, May 7, 2015

What Makes BCBE Construction LLC Different

If you do an online search for builders in Naples then you are guaranteed to find an extensive list of custom home builders, remodelers, and commercial builders. The list will be condensed once you search on length of time in business and it will be reduced even further if you look at the diversity of experience. BCBE Construction LLC's roots go back to 1972 and in over four decades we have built and/or remodeled properties in various fields: Custom Homes, Condominiums, Civic, Commercial Buildings, Clubhouses, Resorts/Hotels, Medical Facilities, and Schools.

Experience is only one aspect when looking for a builder, you will also want to look at reputation. BCBE Construction LLC offers time-honored integrity, exceptional customer service and a commitment to quality construction; these key fundamentals contributed to BCBE Construction's long-term success.  BCBE's thorough knowledge, experience and complete understanding of Florida's demanding construction conditions assure your project will be built/remodeled to the highest of standards. We spare no effort in making sure every facet of the job is completed flawlessly. Every home is carefully constructed as if we were building it for ourselves.

Bringing BCBE Construction LLC into the beginning of the process is where we outperform our competitors. Pre-construction services include preliminary cost estimates; preliminary project schedules; and, if applicable, phased construction.  BCBE Construction LLC offers complimentary pre-construction consultations, call (239) 643-3343 today to learn more.  

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